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Introduction of flexible transmission lines and accessories

一、 The transmission lines and classification
    Conveying line is to improve the processing or the design of a production efficiency to transport raw materials, intermediate or product of special equipment. It uses a conveyor (belt or plate) with delivery to the friction between the sliding beam, continuous delivery of materials the way to work. Transmission lines used for assembly-line approach to the enterprises and sectors. Transmission line can be divided into the following.
1, according to the work surface is divided into:
(1) translational conveyor line: carry materials or more points in two straight lines between the plane movement. Such as: line flow;
(2) up / down transmission lines: the material is raised or plummeting straight conveyor line. Such as: a second floor room of the material conveying line.
(3) flexible conveyor line: You can carry the material plane turn, climb, descent, and process requirements so that the material can be automatically queued transmission lines. Such as: planes, between floors continuous production material handling.
2, according to the chain plate material is divided into:
(1) plastic chain plate line
(2) stainless steel chain plate line
(3) stainless steel surface plastic chain plate line

    二、Tthe basic structure of the flexible conveyor line
    Flexible conveyor line consists of the following basic parts.
(1) Conveyor: from white, made of high-strength engineering plastic. Can be divided into flat chain, universal chain, steel top chain, wedge chains, ball chains, brush chain, elastic chain.
(2) transport beam: the surface of anodized aluminum profiles and friction rails composition. Can be divided into standard, enhanced.
(3) transport frame body: but also by the surface of anodized aluminum extrusions composition. Divided into light, medium and heavy.
(4) Drive: by a powder metallurgy process, die-cast aluminum drive head and tail composition. Into a single drive, dual-drive and intermediate drives.
(5) guiding device: the material can always run in the middle of the chain plate on both sides of the divider.
(6) turning device: turn the inner chain plate supporting means. Divided into horizontal elbow, elbow vertical, horizontal wheel bend and horizontal wheel.
(7) Accessories: There are connections, drip pans, and so on.

   三、The components and characteristics
  1, the flexible conveyor line performance parameters
(1) the maximum single drive head conveyor length: 25M
(2) Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
(3) Maximum transmission speed: 50M/min
(4) Chain pitch: 38.1mm
(5) Minimum turning radius: R150mm
(6) Tensile strength: 4000N
(7) chain plate Weight: 0.7KG / M
  2, the flexible transmission line characteristics
(1) Clean: The whole line consists of white plastic chain plate and high-strength anodized aluminum surface profiles assembled. Chain plate is pure white, the device runs without lubrication, without regular maintenance, does not corrode, meet the GMP standard.
(2) Quiet: equipment operation sound <30Db.
(3) smart: the components can be assembled into any removable flexible delivery system, with different vertical and horizontal radius corners, can be in any of the 3D space transportation products, and anywhere according to your production status adjusted. You can complete the level, climbing, vertical, turning, screw, clamp, suspension, flip, rotate and other forms of transportation.
(4) is simple: the entire line installation without any special tools, just common hand tools, you can perform basic disassembly by a single person working.
(5) Stability: stable performance can be sent to ensure delivery of the product does not occur during tipping and slipping.
  3, the main application industries
    It can be widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, beer, mineral water, cartons, rolls, bearings machining, gear cutting, auto parts manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, electronic components assembly lines, packaging lines and other industries.

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