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Chen Xiang Automation Co., Ltd.(FlexLink) is specialized in a handful of domestic flexible conveyor system parts production, sales of the manufacturers, specializing in various plastic chain plate and peripheral parts of the development, production, sales and other business activities. Our products are widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, daily chemical, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

In 2006, entrepreneur visiting foreign countries in automatic chemical manufacturing industry, the investment resolutely determined to create their own manufacturing plants, factory automation is a huge overall system integration, you first need a flexible chain will plant Members effective linking process, based on this idea, by the end of 2006, the first plastic chain plate molds and products was born.

Technical people from the persistent and the pursuit of perfect quality, Chen Xiang, the structure of human development from the mold, timber, and manufacture, testing, commissioning work, precision molds and injection molded products begin with the basic requirements for the production of high-speed low wear plastic products as the main mission, continue to strengthen high-precision plastic molds and polymer materials technology research, to provide customers with high-quality Swedish FLEXLINK GM Accessories.

In recent years, our company has been committed to the development of flexible conveyor systems integration, deepening peers and end customers and technical cooperation, as of today, Chen Xiang, the business scope expanded to high-quality components and solutions for research and development, manufacturing, installation, , sales, service, and other aspects.

Excellent management to build the core competitiveness, we learn from Japan´s advanced enterprise management, adherence to the rules of ISO9001 quality management system, providing customers with high quality, high value-added products and services, and continue to improve the welfare of employees and optimize the work environment .

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