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Conveyor line adjustment techniques and methods

Transmission line is mainly the delivery of materials to complete its task. In surround warehouse, workshop and packaging workshop venue is provided by a number of belt conveyors, roller conveyors and other components of an article conveyor chains, both connected by a continuous conveyor line. In the material at the entrance and a sorting conveyor line - conveyor opening has Crossings devices and paths, lifts and floor conveyor line.

     So in the warehouse, workshop and packaging workshop can range form a smooth arrival of all production locations but it is also a closed loop conveyor line system. All production processes used in the relevant materials, parts, components and finished products and other materials, have to be installed in the box labeled with a bar code to enter the pallet conveyor line system. In the production management system, production orders issued under the action of the pallet with the material from the inlet into the conveyor line specified system.

     Check the head, tail rack bearing two plane deviation. If the deviation is greater than two planes 1mm, the response to adjustment of the two planes in the same plane. Head drum adjustment method: When the right side of the drum belt deviation, the roller bearing right or left should move forward bearing backward; if the conveyor belt deviation to the left of the drum, then roller bearing should be left or right to move forward bearing after the shift. Rear roller adjustment method and the head drum opposite.

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